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How Do You Measure Success?

I run a small business and I find it difficult some days; difficult to motivate myself, difficult to do the things I don’t particularly enjoy, difficult to juggle my clients (and my family’s) different requirements, difficult to meet deadlines. It’s probably no different to most people. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I work from…
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Make Your Business Development Training More Successful

Having worked with different professional services clients over the years, I’ve seen many try to transform their approach to sales (or business development, if you prefer). Some of these organisations have put together a formal transformation programme, whilst others have simply sought to make a positive shift in their sales efforts. Whether you are considering…
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How To Be Brilliant At Winning Bids & Tenders

Competitive bidding is an essential part of everyday business, but it’s often seen as a chore. Sometimes its difficult to know where to start or how to organise content, resulting in pulling information from other bids, cutting and pasting to their heart’s content. Unfortunately this approach rarely works. Here’s an effective model I use that…
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7 Steps For A Successful First Business Meeting

Want to ensure that your first meeting with a potential client is as effective as possible? Follow these 7 steps to success that have worked for many of the professionals we work with.    Pre-meeting planning and preparation is essential. Make sure you know who will be there and what their objectives are (as well…
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