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The challenge: This firm has a lot of large clients but a lack of consistency in how they manage the relationships. We first needed to understand who their key clients were and then to ensure that those clients were protected against an increasingly competitive landscape and to maximise the penetration.

eng-case-studyOur approach: We helped develop a set of criteria that would determine who the top 10 key clients of the firm were. The agreed criteria were then put into a simple spreadsheet tool with weighted scoring against each criterion to produce an overall score. Once the top 10 clients were agreed we then provided a research template for each one. Much of the information we asked for resided in people’s heads so we were ken to get as much of that out as possible prior to the first workshop. The initial workshop was designed to bring together all relevant parties to the table for their input into the Key Client Plan. We introduced the group to a series of tools and facilitated them applying the tools to specific clients during the workshop.

Following the workshop the group were tasked with creating a team to develop the Key Client Plan and to carry out the actions agreed in the workshop. Twelve weeks following this we facilitated a two-hour session in which the teams reported back on the plan itself as well as progress against agreed actions.

Results: The firm now has a rigorous Key Account Planning tool which provides a consistent approach to the way the firm goes about defending and developing its most important clients. In the first six months since the programme began they have unearthed four new major opportunities worth in excess of £10million pounds.


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