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The challenge: Having grown steadily throughout the 90s and early 2000s this mid-size firm managed the post 2007 property market collapse quite well. Although modest it managed to increase fee income year on year in a very tough market. One impact that this bear market had on the firm was that the number of instructions dwindled but the number of surveyors competing for the work didn’t. This meant it became a survival of the fittest contest and that those who were most proactive would be the ones to thrive.

Our approach: We carried out a survey of all the partners in the business to understand their thoughts on a number of elements including: the direction of the business, how much appetite there was for growth, their perception of the barriers to growth. The results of the survey were delivered at the annual partners conference. The highlights were:

  • Lack of clear vision
  • Poor leadership both at team and overall business level
  • Inconsistent communication from leadership team to the rest of the business
  • Little or no planning around business development or key client management


At the conference we asked the partners to split into groups to address these issues. Each team was instructed to get to actions on these issues with a clear understanding that we needed to agree actions before the day was finished.

After a tough day they were able to agree on some very clear actions which represented a breakthrough for this team having been previously very good at discussing issues but less good at agreeing concrete SMART actions.

Our role with this client now is to work with sector teams to help them implement their action plan.


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