How to ‘get to the table’ of target clients

A team approach to this works well so that all of the team can share ideas and responsibility. Each client is different but there are some steps that can help to identify a way to get through the door.

Discuss what we know?

  • What do we know about the organisation?
  • What is happening in their business?
  • How do they buy?

Identify who do we know?

  • Who do we know in the organisation?
  • Do we have relationships with intermediaries who can introduce us?
  • Is there anyone else in our organisation who has contacts?

How can we connect with the contacts?

  • Where do the contacts go where we could meet them in an informal setting?
  • Are they linked with business groups or do they attend business conferences and events
  • Can we invite them to an event we are organising?

Our approach

  • What are the hooks?
  • What approaches should we consider – meetings, email, telephone, event, conference
  • Who does what and when
  • Consider how we move to the next step if one step does not work