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Make your business development planning more successful

Make your business development planning more successful

Make your business development planning more successful

Having worked with different professional services clients over the years, I’ve seen many try to transform their approach to sales (or business development, if you prefer), says Annabel Miller. Some of these organisations have put together a formal transformation programme, whilst others have simply sought to make a positive shift in their sales efforts.

Whether you are considering a major change or a few tweaks to your approach, I’ve come up with the following key points that you should consider as part of your plans.

1. First, answer the question “Why are we doing this?” There must be a compelling reason for change, with a clearly articulated “what will happen if we do not make these changes” and why the current status is unacceptable.

2. Design your programme. Have a clear vision about what the newly transformed organisation will look like. For example, “In 3 years time we will be working in these sectors, we will have these key clients, we will be known for….”

The vision needs to be supported by 12 month objectives, Here’s an example of key objectives.  Our objectives over the next 12 months are: 

  • To have made our first sale in the Oil & Gas sector
  • To have doubled the number of business development meetings we are having as a business,
  • To have developed a Key Client programme for our top 10 accounts.

It’s then important to clear the KPI’s for those involved, so they can focus on these new objectives.

Business Development Planning

Learn tried and tested strategies to help you unlock more opportunities and win more – and better – work.

A half-day course for up to 12 people

3. Put together the right team to drive the programme. Your team make up will be somewhat dependent on the size of the programme, but to make it work you will need senior sponsorship. One of the firms I worked with had the CEO, CFO, Head of BD/Marketing, Head of HR and the four business unit leaders on the team.

4. Develop skills, process and behaviours. You will need to include training into your programme. Don’t make the mistake that many make and think that a one-off training course will develop sustained behavioural change. It doesn’t! Training works if: a) people know why they are doing it, b) how it will help them do their job better, c) they are given support following the event, and d) there are follow ups and refreshers.

5. Give your best and potential performers access to coaching. This demonstrates a real commitment to improving people through strong, challenging and empathetic coaching. It complements training and allows the recipients to really embed new habits. Coaching should be given to both individuals and teams. High-performing teams, whether they are leadership, key client, market/sector teams, can take the business to new places and turbo-boost business development.

6. Make sure you measure and monitor progress: Track the KPI’s, celebrate successes and make sure to involve, not dictate.

7. Lastly, be very clear about the behaviour you now expect and do not tolerate poor behaviour, regardless of seniority or past performance!

If you would like to know more about how I could help with your sales training and coaching, please get in touch.  This article borrows from research (McKinsey, Hinge Marketing) as well as my own experiences.

Optimise your selling Opportunity

Creating a possitive impact at that first client meeting.
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Business development training

Business development training

Business Development Planning Live virtual classroom Questas face to face classroom training icon Webinar

According to research, your reputation – and that of your organisation – is the most important factor for clients when choosing who to consider for projects.

Course overview

Most of our clients are time poor and often struggle to find the time to dedicate to growing their business. Exploring the fundamentals of Business Development Planning aims to give technical professionals the understanding and skills to scope out, plan and execute their strategic sales activity much more effectively.

This course focuses on creating successful business development plans and you will learn how to get to the table of target clients and take control of your business development activity.

Who’s it for?

This professional development is highly valuable to anyone who has face-to-face time with clients and those who have a remit to explore opportunities and find work from both new and existing clients.

It would also be a useful reminder for those with more experience who may not have had any formal training – or at least not for a long time!

Course format

Live virtual classroomLive Virtual Classroom: 90 minute facilitated session taking delegates through the steps of putting action-driven BD plans together. Can be general or tailored to a group with specific objectives.

Questas face to face classroom training iconFace to face: In-house half-day workshop. Often working with groups who are focused on specific markets, regions or client types. Results are tailor-made plans designed to help delegates get in front of target clients and maintain a proactive approach to business development.

WebinarWebinar: Live or recorded, this is a 60 minute session aimed at exploring the fundamentals of planning business development activities.


  • Learn how to maximise the time and the resources you have to dedicate to business development
  • Understand the principles clients use to select chosen providers and develop a set of tools to help explore the client’s world
  • Ultimately you will develop increased confidence and will learn to apply tried and tested strategies and tactics to help you unlock more opportunities and win more – and better – work.
Questas Quote Marks Circle

“This course really simplifies the whole approach to business development, I am now very clear what I need to do.”

Engineer, WSP

Content Outline

  • Planning business development activity – The Questas Growth Model ©
  • Learning how clients buy
  • Developing a deep understanding of client needs
  • Preparing for and structuring business development discussions
  • Differentiating your offer – elevate your business’s reputation
  • Introduction to client management

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Optimise your selling Opportunity

Creating a possitive impact at that first client meeting.
Effective Business Development Meetings - free training guide from Questas Consulting

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