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Business Development Planning


We all struggle to find the time for business development and client management activity. However, as engineers, consultants and technical experts, you may be asked for look for new commercial relationships, or more work from existing clients, even though you’re fully engaged in technically complex projects in your daily role.

Therefore, the key to successful sales activity is learning how to find and maximise the limited time and resource you have. To help you we have devised this free training for you.

Simply complete the form and we will deliver to you an original guide on Business Development Planning. The download is tailored specifically to the professional and engineering services sector. We will help you focus your effort strategically, so that you unlock more opportunities and win more – and better – work.


You will:

  • learn the fundamentals of successful business development planning;
  • decide where to focus your efforts;
  • be able to analyse the market to find your best opportunities;
  • brainstorm your vision over the next three years… and…
  • most importantly, distill that into 12 and 3 month plans ready to action.

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