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By understanding the value of planning a process and the decisions you take along the way, this course will change how you approach bids, improving your efficiency in responding and your success at winning them. Bid less and win more!

Course Overview

Learning how to produce a winning bid is one of the most important business skills you can acquire. You will learn how to gather the right team and plan the activity timeline right through to delivering the final document. During this course you will be taken through the process steps and will look at techniques to ensure you meet your client’s requirements and stand out from the crowd using the latest tools, tips and techniques.

Who’s it for?

All professionals involved in tendering and writing bids. Building the skills and confidence needed to respond to competitive tenders, from letter proposals to complex multi-million contracts.

Course format

Questas face to face classroom training iconFace to face: One day on-site practical workshop for up to 12 people. Participants are encouraged to bring real life scenarios to work through. We can also host active bid team sessions to kick off or problem solve an ongoing bid or tender.

Live virtual classroomLive Virtual Classroom: 2 + 1 hour workshops. Understand the bidding process from the client perspective, develop the perfect process from the supplier perspective. Often using real invitations to tender as case studies delegates will learn the dos and don’ts of writing bids. The interim period between the sessions used to put forward a bid document and the second hour is used to coach the delegates in where and how to improve.


You will leave with the understanding of:

  • how to identify the process,
  • appoint the team
  • and apply the methodology to produce winning bids and tenders.
  • Make meaningful contact with the people you really want to meet so that you can begin fruitful relationships.

Taking a customer focused approach, you will be able to differentiate your proposal by emphasising key features and benefits. These skills will also give you the tools to transform a weak bid into a winning one.

Questas Quote Marks Circle

“I wish I knew this stuff years ago.”

Senior Consultant, RPS

Content Outline

  • Planning the process – timelines, team and effort
  • Pre-bid decision making – to bid or not to bid
  • Planning tools and techniques
  • Using BASE (Benefits, Affinity, Solutions, Evidence) structure
  • How to storyboard
  • Defining your Value Proposition
  • Benefits v features
  • Writing and editing tips

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