While training provides delegates with new ideas and skills, coaching embeds those skills. It allows individuals to eradicate bad habits and develop new ones aimed at helping them achieve peak performance.

Who’s it for?

Any business development programme is about long-term behavioural change as well as learning new skills. Positive interventions following training will reinforce the behaviours and help with any personal or team ‘road blocks’.

Coaching can be provided both in team sessions and individually and can be face-to-face, on the telephone or via video call.

Coaching format

Coaching sessions are one-to-one for an hour or 90 minutes in length and we suggest a minimum of 4 – 6 sessions to enable the best possible outcomes.

    • Option 1 Work on a number of clients within the same sector or market space.
    • Option 2 ‘Deep Dive’ sessions focusing on a small number of clients (sometimes just one).
    • Option 3 ‘Deep Dive’ sessions focusing on how to develop clients operating with a framework.

With all the above it is recommended that sessions are attended by all internal stakeholders involved in developing the client.


This course will shine a spotlight on your client, understand their motivations and interests, and support you setting the objectives, plan and actions to help your client grow. The aim is to gain loyalty, uncover cross-selling opportunities and develop a long, mutually beneficial relationship with your firm’s best customers.

Questas Quote Marks Circle

“Research suggests that very often 80% of sales training is lost within 180 days…a poor return on investment!”

Gary Williams, CEO, Questas

Content Outline

Coaching sessions are driven by the needs of the coachee but we always begin with a 3-way meeting including the coachee, the line manager and the coach to agree objectives, feedback, what is shared and what remains confidential.

Objectives might include:

  • Helping to embed new habits
  • Helping individuals with areas they find difficult to implement
  • Helping with practical actions where a team or individual do not know how to proceed

Leadership & Management

Training & coaching for middle managers and new leaders

One-page brochure summary

Questas Quote Marks Circle
“One to one coaching helped me overcome some of the barriers I faced as a technically minded person. I am now much more confident with clients.”

Technical Director, RPS

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