Being Honest & Being Human in Business

Nov 9, 2021 | Blog, Podcast

Being honest & being human in business


In this episode Gary is joined by professional services expert Sarah Butters to discuss how to drive business by driving people. Sarah tells us how encouraging people’s passions and helping them grow as individuals is beneficial for your business. Gary also poses Sarah the question, how do you differentiate yourself from similar services in the same field?


To really understand your clients and build a strong working relationship you need to help them address their needs in a language they understand. Find out where are they now, where do they want to get to and how can you help them there.

Word of mouth is extremely valuable in client services. It may sound old fashioned but people put a lot of stock in what other professionals recommend. Take the time to foster authentic personal relationships and those interactions will stay with people.

Keep up to date with what your clients are putting out on social media. You can use it to understand your clients without having to ask. Bring that information with you to your next meeting and you will have a head start on seeing how they market to their audience.



  • “It’s not about expecting everyone to be in the same mould, it’s about picking up on individual strengths”
  • “Let people see how passionate you are”
  • “It’s not about charisma, it’s not about the gift of the gab. It’s just about being honest and being human”


Gary Williams

Gary Williams

Gary Williams has been in sales and marketing his entire career. The past 10 years have been dedicated to helping technically minded non-salespeople become skilled and confident in selling themselves and their services.


Sarah Butters

Sarah Butters is a Commercially minded Marketing & Business Development expert working in Strategy Formulation & Execution and Client Development.

In the rapidly changing world that we find ourselves in Sarah ensures people are aware of new ways of marketing and business development and helps them understand how they can integrate these into their busy working life.

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