Selling to the public sector

The challenge

Not winning enough of the framework “pie”


Our approach

Just being on the service procurement framework for a major organisation doesn’t guarantee a flow of new business – you still need to be proactive. We’ll show you how to get in there and mine these frameworks. To build the relationships, position yourself and develop your reputation.

Price is important, particularly in the public sector or if it’s a real commodity service, but price isn’t everything. If you were the cheapest every time, would you win every time? People still matter. And we never lose sight of that.

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Questas’s Gary Williams says:

“Frameworks are the mainstay of work for many of our clients. But all too often, after putting massive effort into securing their place, they then sit back and wait for the phone to ring.”


The challenge

Doing too many tenders / poor win rate on tenders


Our approach

Doing too many tenders, or having a poor win rate on tenders, is expensive and damages your reputation.

We give our clients a set of criteria for when they should tender. We make sure the criteria are right for their business, and that they are committed to them.

The three most important criteria are:

  1. Did we know it was coming? Were we expecting this?
  2. Do we know the authors of it? Do we have relationships with them?
  3. Have we got the resource? Can we do it?

If we cannot get a good firm yes on those three then the chances of winning it are slim.

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Questas Quote Marks CircleQuestas’s Sarah Amery says:

“Selling to the public sector presents some different challenges such as procurement rules and success criteria. However, they are still people buying from people and we need to recognise that relationship management is essential.”


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