Are you a company that succeeds or fails, based on the success of your projects’ team dynamic?

Foster effective, agile and forward-thinking teams

Questas Leadership & Strategic Consulting enables leaders to build impactful teams to power your business forward.

Putting data-driven people-insights into practical action.

Making decisions that make a REAL IMPACT on business outcomes.

The biggest cost and challenge in any business is people.

At a time when the UK is suffering from a skills crisis, the search for talent has intensified. Let us help you find the right people for your business growth. Put the right people in the right structure and they wont want to leave your organisation!

The Challenge:

Finding the right team dynamic. Are your project teams not gelling? Do you feel like you are being beaten by your competitors too often?

The Solution:

Maximise the effectiveness of your project teams by identifying what makes each individual flourish and reach their potential.

GC Circle of personality types and their roles

What does this really mean?

the questas difference

It’s all about building the right team dynamic from the start!

Make more informed people-decisions to drive better outcomes for your business.

  • Is your team in need of a Playmaker who can manage new stakeholders?
  • Or are you working with a longer-term client who many need some issues ironed out? Then you need a Polisher.
  • Concerned about hitting timelines? You need to bring in the Implementer.

We help you to assess the unique needs of each of your client accounts and identify the right team dynamics that will help to manage each client and project effectively.

We are specialists in shaping work winners for engineering, manufacturing, legal and consultancy firms. With over 30 years in consultancy, coaching and training, we work with leadership to identify and nurture your talent to hit your business goals.

We bring a Game Changing approach into play – using a proven method of combining people and data to elevate your organisations decision making, ensuring that your talent is free to flourish. Enhance their full potential to win and deliver more of the right work from the right clients.

“People stay where they’re happy. You want people running towards work, not running away from it”

This is not psychometric testing.
This is organisational metrics.

The GC Index uses unique scientific based digital metrics that allows organisations to identify the business impact any candidate can make

Let us help you identify who can make the biggest IMPACT, and where.

Trudie Adcock, Global Enterprise Learning Director from Astra Zeneca, describes its impact:

“It is a language and a framework that is about empowering individuals, teams and organisations to make their best impact to achieve whatever they want to achieve in their worlds.


“How are people energised to have an impact at work? The GC Index helps.


“It’s data-driven decision-making – whether it be people, projects, or recruitment or teams – it’s about how do we get the best people in the best place? How can we give people roles that will make them energised and happier in the workplace?


“With this data, we can manage the energy of our people, manage workloads, get the right people in the right place.”

professional selling skills pitching to clients
professional selling skills working with partners
professional selling skills client conversations
professional sales in construction and engineering


How To Maximise Impact with Nathan Ott, GC Index


In this episode of the podcast Work Winning Ways, Gary Williams talks to Nathan Ott (creator of the GC Index) about how the Game Changing Index adds value to organisations, helping them to grow, and enable their people to be happier & more impactful at work.


Questas Quote Marks Circle

“The GC Index is a language and a framework that is about empowering individuals, teams & organisations to make their best impact  to achieve whatever they want to achieve in their worlds.”

Nathan Ott, Creator, GC Index

The benefits

“90% of top performers are considered highly self-aware” – Forbes

For organisations

  • Improved business outcomes
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Unique insight on people
  • A more harmonious work environment
  • Increase in individual performance
  • Increase in team performance
  • Happier Clients, More Business, More Growth!

For individuals

  • Discovered how they make an impact
  • Learned how to take advantage of strengths
  • Accelerated career
  • Improved teamwork
  • Performed at their best
  • Achieved a happier working life
Gary Williams

About Gary

An experienced business development consultant, sales trainer and executive coach, Gary is the founder and CEO of Questas.


A former sales director in the fast-moving telecoms and IT industry, he has spent the last 15 years working in the professional and engineering services sector, helping companies to transform their account management, client relationship and business development skills.

“Gary has exactly the right balance of an effective framework for winning more work and an understanding that his clients are people; not machines that can just be re- programmed”.

Accredited GCologist, Gary’s strengths are as The Strategist (maps the future) and The Polisher (creates a future to be proud of).

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