The Right Way To Win And Maintain Clients with Frank Lippert

Mar 27, 2023 | Differentiation from competitors, Key Client Management, Podcast

The Right Way to Win and Maintain Clients


On this episode Gary speaks to Frank Lippert – one half of the PSM (Professional Services Marketing) Podcast. Frank is based in Sacramento California and in this discussion they look at the differences in marketing and business development between the UK and US. What they conclude is that there really aren’t too many differences but Frank speaks very eloquently about the RIGHT way to do business and how to win and maintain clients. There are some interesting differences depending on which state you’re in but, by and large, they agree that being genuine, caring and curious are your best friends in work winning!


There is a problem with the lack of talent coming through the pipeline in the professional services space. There is especially a gap of people with between 5 and 20 years experience.
All the magic in marketing actually happens in delivering the project in the mannar the client wants. How did you make the client feel while working together? The word of mouth you receive from doing that is better than any marketing you can do yourself.
What differentiates you from your competitors is the experience that your customers can have with you on a consistent basis. If you have that then you’ll have the edge in the market.
You will find different ways of doing business all over the world, but you also find different ways of doing business within the same country. For example In the Southern United States, there’s going to be some chat and conversation before the business talk, whereas in other places, if the meeting starts at 11am, then you start talking business at 11am.


  • “Often the biggest client, isn’t the most profitable one”
  • “If you deliver the project well, your clients will talk about it, that’s the marketing”
  • “Meetings with clients are a bit like a first date”

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