Selling Skills Training

Consultative Selling Skills Training:


     Partners, Directors, Senior fee earners


  • Planning business development activity among you and your team
  • Understanding the client and how they choose
  • Exploring the client’s world – developing a differentiator
  • Getting through the door / Securing the first meeting
  • Planning, structuring and managing business development meetings
  • Practicing sales meetings– role play (often with actors as clients)
  • Delivering a compelling pitch


Advanced selling skills training for senior people. Increased confidence and competence leading to better win-rate, higher fees, greater margins and improved cross-selling.






Networking Skills


Anyone required to attend events for the purpose of networking


Preparation for an event

  • Do your homework, explore your network
  • Use your colleagues
  • Set yourself objectives

Working the room

  • Appearing confident and interesting
  • Questioning and Listening
  • Breaking into groups
  • Making introductions, having valuable conversations

After the event

  • Following up appropriately
  • Maintaining contact


Half-day practical session


Become clear about your objective in attending a networking event. Feel confident in a room where you don’t know anyone. Use techniques learned in our selling skills training to politely navigate the room and make meaningful contact with the people you really want to meet so that you can begin fruitful relationships.


Presentation Skills


Anyone with a remit to present internally and/or externally


Focus on the audience

  • Who are they and what are their expectations
  • How to engage
  • What do I want them to do following my presentation?

Make it Memorable

  • Consider presentation format and structure
  • Decide on your key messages and then emphasise them
  • Add unique elements

Speak with Confidence

  • Control your nerves through breathing and visualisations
  • Use appropriate body language and gestures
  • Work on vocal tone and pitch


Highly practical one-day workshop. Candidates will present to a group at least twice in the day and be filmed.


  • Present with greater confidence and professionalism
  • Structure presentations and emphasise key messages
  • Plan and prepare more effectively
  • Keep your audience engaged


If you have any questions or would like to request more information on our selling skills training, we are always happy to help.

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