Four ways to get out of your comfort zone and be the catalyst to growth

Jun 18, 2019 | Blog, Insight, Sales confidence

Questas’ Gary Williams writes in the RICS Recruit Blog about how to develop confidence in technical staff who are required to “sell”.

Gary is an expert Business Development Consultant and Executive Coach and works with leading professional firms in the built and natural environment, helping them build client relationships and win more work.

Do sales or networking meetings petrify you?

If the idea of sales meetings, networking events and large-scale presentations terrify you, you are certainly not alone. For many technical experts in the surveying industry these activities are daunting, but nowadays, they are very much a requirement for a successful surveying career. So, it’s time to get prepared.

Move out of your comfort zone to grow

Imagine the good things that happen when technical experts overcome their fears and release their inner sales and networking abilities. It’s possible for anyone to do this, you just need to know how, and do it!

In this article we examine the benefits of leaving your comfort zone and take a look at how ‘unnatural salespeople’ can nurture their skills and develop confidence. Push past those self-imposed boundaries and you become better placed to contribute to the growth of the organisation you work for and increase your value – and employability – in the market…

Click to the RICS article to read more, and discover proven methods and easy to implement actions to help you with:


  1. Presentations/Public speaking
  2. Networking
  3. Sales meetings
  4. Cross-selling

Inform, investigate and inpsire… yourself!

The 3i Model - inform, investigate and inspire

We have a model called the 3is – Inform, Investigate, Inspire; which is useful when preparing for a sales meeting.

But you can use it equally when it comes to moving out of your own comfort zone. It’s time to take that disciplined approach to yourself. Start by identifying your own strengths and weaknesses first.

Online tools such as enable you to build a profile that identifies your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. Once you have uncovered the areas you need to improve on, you can take a focused approach to training, coaching or mentoring, or just look for the right self-help books or online videos.

Start escaping from your comfort zone today with our e-learning course on Cross-Selling, which is free to access here. Good luck!

Need real-life practice?

Learn techniques to feel confident in a room where you don’t know anyone

Our training is bespoke to each client – see our approach and how we can help your business grow.

questas steaming coffee cupStructuring online BD Conversations

Structuring Online BD Conversations - Questas Espresso Shot Webinars
As a technical person taking on the BD or sales role may feel unnatural. This will help you structure conversations to make them more comfortable and effective.

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