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Questas Quote Marks Circle“I really enjoyed the modules of the Questas Academy, particularly the sessions around the Psychology of Selling and using Emotional Intelligence in relationship building. It has helped me join the dots in terms of what it takes to be effective at business development. In addition I made some new contacts and one of those is interested in using my services!”

Andrew McCallum, Blackstone BSD, 2021

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Professional Selling Skills

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Introducing the Questas Academy

Not everyone in a client-facing role is a natural salesperson, some find selling very difficult and would rather someone else do it, others will have a go but get varying results!

​Questas has worked with reluctant and unnatural salespeople for over 10 years and our academy is built on the experience we have of people who have a high degree of expertise and need to be able to sell themselves and their services, either for their own business or for the company they work for.

This is ideal for client-facing individuals or professional and engineering service organisations who need to expand the number of people who are work winners. Those attending the course will have technical expertise but lack the skills and confidence to ‘sell’ well.

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Are you responsible for winning work but not a salesperson? Tasked with business development but looking for new ways to generate the right opportunities? Then our Professional Selling Programme is for you.

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Professional Selling Course Content

What to expect

Each of our 12 modules has a different focus and is delivered live online.

Some sessions (in red below) are purposely designed to promote interactive client participation; our cohort sizes are kept small for this reason.  We offer the option of AM and PM course times to facilitate the international working day. Our course facilitators are all qualified coaches with industry experience.

Week One: Welcome to the PROFESSIONAL SELLING PROGRAMME – the keys to success

Others simply see themselves as the technical expert and hope someone else will do the selling. In this webinar we dispel the myths around selling and unlock the secret to moving from reluctant to willing and able salesperson. This will be the first time we get together in a live setting. We’ll have the opportunity to meet our fellow reluctant salespeople, share our stories, discuss our objectives and explore some of our collective strengths.

Week Two: The Psychology of Selling

Anyone can succeed in selling but some of us are reluctant to sell. Some people have a view of a stereotypical salesperson and decide, I can’t do that or, I don’t want to do that. This session will demonstrate that if we have the right mindset we can all motivate clients to buy from us.

Week Three: Marketing: motivating target clients to ‘come to the table’

It is an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. How do we get ‘heard’ through all the noise? Nigel Clark takes us through the practicalities of targeting and encouraging our target market to want to speak to us or, in some cases, include us on their invitation to tender list.

Week Four: Networking

Building a network of co-professionals is arguably the greatest use of your time. My dad often said to me “it’s not what you know but who you know” and while the ‘what’ is important you can’t argue the fact that the best opportunities come from referrals. This session will look at online and offline networking, how to work a room and how to build a following of fans.

Week Five: Client Sales Conversations

However we ‘get to the table’ that first meeting is likely to be the difference between a long-term profitable relationship and a missed opportunity. Our tried and tested 3i Model provides the structure to conduct a first meeting. We will also share the key communication skills that will motivate your prospect to want to buy from you.

Week Six: Group Coaching – Sharing & Learning

After session 5 we will ask you to put your new-found techniques and skills into practice so that when we come back for this session we can share some stories from the front line. How did it go? What went well? What do you need to further work on? An opportunity to ask the course Director anything!

Week Seven: Emotional intelligence and client relationships

Developing your EI is a life skill that benefits in all interactions. We know that people buy from people they know, like and trust and therefore understanding ourselves, looking out for emotional triggers both in us and the buyer will enable a smooth transition from ‘interested’ to “where do I sign”.

Week Eight: Putting forward compelling solutions – Pitching and presentation skills

Presentations that pack a punch, whether online or ‘in the room’ will build our personal brand as a great communicator. Being able to engage an audience, to hit their ‘hot buttons’ and to leave them knowing, liking and trusting you.

Week Nine: Writing winning proposals

Writing is a wonderful skill, being able to articulate your message, to tell an engaging story that paints the picture of an ideal future is one that the best copywriters are naturally blessed with. Fortunately, we have some of the best in the business who are generous enough to share their wisdom.

Week Ten: Account management – Becoming and staying the Trusted Advisor

Once we have clients we want to keep them! It is 7 times easier selling to an existing client than it is to land a new one. Whilst it is vital that when we are in ‘delivery mode’ we are meeting (even exceeding) client expectations but it is not enough to simply “let our service do the selling”. We have to be proactive and ultimately work to becoming the Trusted Advisor so that our clients will not be tempted away from our competitors.

Week Eleven: Cross-Selling. 30 minutes – E-learning

When we have a client relationship and we have achieved a trusted status we have earned the right to introduce other services. This short, interactive course guides people through a scenario where participants are asked to make some choices about how to best create and close a cross-selling opportunity

Week Twelve: Live Group Coaching – Panel Q&A

As a finale to the professional selling programme we bring together module facilitators to answer all your questions. We share experiences of using the tools and techniques and provide coaching in any areas relating to the course modules.

Who is it designed for?

The professional selling programme is ideal for established or upscaling businesses who have reached a point where they need to expand the number of people who are work winners.

The people attending the course are those who have expertise but lack the skills and confidence to do it well.

They are most likely working in one of these sectors:


  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Construction
  • Surveying
  • Quantity/Cost Consultant
  • Scientific innovation companies
  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Finance

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