The Importance of Well Trained Leaders

Apr 3, 2023 | Business Development, Key Client Management, Leadership, Podcast

Importance of Well Trained Leaders


Business development and client relation management is part of a trinity with leadership and management. That’s the glue that holds organisations together that Gary will be discussing this week on Work Winning Ways. Find out why training in business development and client management doesn’t work unless you have well trained leaders.


People aren’t prepared to say within an organisation where either they’re fearful about what is required of them or that they’re not heard. Businesses need to have psychological safety to retain good team members. You should have an environment that encourages people’s ideas to be listened to and given due consideration.
The introverts among us are happy to not contribute, despite possibly having some good ideas in their heads. A good leader would be able to get those ideas out of those people and encourage thinking diversity.
The SCARF Model was developed in 2008 by David Rock, in his paper “SCARF: A Brain-Based Model for Collaborating With and Influencing Others.” SCARF stands for the five key “domains” that influence our behaviour in social situations. These are: Status – our relative importance to others. Certainty – our ability to predict the future. Autonomy – our sense of control over events. Relatedness – how safe we feel with others. Fairness – how fair we perceive the exchanges between people to be.



  • “The client is at the heart of everything we do”
  • “There are a lot of people at a junior level who can contribute to how things develop but aren’t given a platform”


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