Mastering The Client Experience

Feb 23, 2023 | Key Client Management, Podcast, Selling to the Public Sector


How do we win the right kind of work from the right kinds of clients? This week on Work Winning Ways, Gary brings you an episode from a series of webinars about how you can master the client experience. Find out how you can win over clients, build and maintain relationships, the importance of leaders, and how to turn your clients into advocates for your services business.


  • It’s five times easier to win work from existing clients than new ones. Your cost of sale is so much lower too with no need to spend on marketing. 
  • A happy client who is well looked after becomes a powerful marketing tool, they become an advocate for us and word of mouth holds a lot of power. 
  • It takes up to twelve positive experiences to make up for one negative one. 
  • Communication and feedback on the communication is really one of the keys of building a good client relationship. 
  • NPS = Net Promoter Score, essentially how likely your client is to recommend you for the services you have provided. 
  • People always say “under promise, over deliver”, but what is more important, is doing what you say you will do. Over delivering is not always possible every time.


  • “Client experience is the next competitive battleground”
  • “Experience is as important as the product or service?”
  • “Leaders set the tone for all of us”


Gary Williams

Gary Williams

Gary Williams has been in sales and marketing his entire career. The past 10 years have been dedicated to helping technically minded non-salespeople become skilled and confident in selling themselves and their services.

An experienced business development consultant, sales trainer and executive coach, Gary is the founder and CEO of Questas.

A former sales director in the fast moving telecoms and IT industry, he has spent the last 15 years working in the professional and engineering services sector, helping companies to transform their account management, client relationship and business development skills. Find out more about Gary here.

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