Being Human, the Art of Client Relationship Management

Jul 29, 2021 | Key Client Management, Podcast

Being human, the art of client relationship management


In this first episode, Gary is joined by Terence Ritchie, a Partner at EMW Law. Terence is a real estate lawyer who knows that relationships and delivering a great client experience are the keys to winning and keeping clients in a very busy market. Their conversation covers a number of areas including;

  • The impact of the pandemic on client relationships and business development
  • What it takes for (very) reluctant sellers to get motivated
  • How Terence sees the future of client selling

Listen here for a genuine episode where Gary and Terence talk openly about their unique perspectives, ideas and challenges.

KEY TAKEAWAYS on the art of client relationship management

  • The multiple lockdowns and restrictions the pandemic imposed created a unique set of challenges for each sector and each business. Terence found he and his company had to adapt how they dealt with clients and especially in regards to sales and communication. It resulted in them learning to support clients in new ways by building stronger client relationships. This was achieved through bespoke support and ultimately more value for their clients.
  • It can be such an eye opener to clients to see the people working for them, especially in a sector such as law, as someone other than what they ‘do’ for them formally. By creating a different dynamic with clients, Terence was able to gain trust and rapport in new ways. The feedback he and the company received from their clients was extremely positive because clients started to see them as individuals and people not just as their lawyers.
  • Lockdowns have suited some people, particularly those who enjoy working from home or have an introverted personality. However many extroverts will have struggled with energy levels as they haven’t been able to interact with people in the usual ways. Lockdowns have also meant you do not get the same ‘water cooler moments’ which are not just a way for employees to build relationships with clients but are also often a unique way problems get solved and ideas get created.
  • Mental health in the workplace is still a difficult thing to get right. The important thing is often looking out for signs that someone might need a bit of help, support or simply just a chat. One of the overlooked challenges with the pandemic is not having the opportunity to see and notice when others are struggling.


  • “When you are in a client facing role, you assume you are going to have the ability to see clients”
  • “That’s humanised a lot of what we do and that’s a good thing”
  • “You almost have to manufacture a reason to talk to a colleague”


Gary Williams

Gary Williams

Gary Williams has been in sales and marketing his entire career. The past 10 years have been dedicated to helping technically minded non-salespeople become skilled and confident in selling themselves and their services.


Terence Richie

Terence Ritchie is a partner at EMW Law

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